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By: James Siccard, asst. Editor
Interview by: Leonard M. Goetz


Former NYS Senator Nicholas A. Spano, a 28 year Republican favorite at the Westchester polls may have retired from the legislative arena in Albany but his passion for “fighting the good fight” continues in the private sector by lobbying for a list of new projects. In line with his longstanding definitions to sustain a better New York, one of the products that Spano helps to “navigate through the hodge-podge of bureaucracy in the state capital” is GREENPATCH™- a New York based eco-friendly solution to upgrade an historically toxic road repair market. ”Things that we used to do that were under total disregard to the environment are now totally unacceptable.”

With his talent to captivate the ear of the ‘who’s who in the municipal front’, it wasn’t long before Spano’s pitch took flight and earned the attention of a host of significant political figures such as Senator Antoine Thompson, chairman of the NYS Environmental Committee and agency official Bob Dennison- deputy for NYS DOT. Soon after, Mayor Gerald D. Jennings of Albany, Mayor Byron Brown of Buffalo and Mayor Clinton Young of Mt. Vernon all consented to testing the revolutionary GreenPatch for consideration as the new road repair material of choice for their respective cities.

Courtesy of Empire Strategic Planning

In the history of the state senate where legislative leaders challenge the strength and validity of any proposal, Spano is one of the few with the tenure and experience-based intuition to master the art of lobbying. This means sizing up the current issues, presenting a powerful solution and coursing through complex channels to get them recognized and accepted. “When approaching government officials, you have to aim for a WIN-WIN situation by satisfying pricing, durability and safety”, Spano establishes. “GreenPatch won hands-down on everything; it’s within an affordable price structure, it’s proven more durable than the traditional cold patch and (best of all) GreenPatch is a non-toxic replacement to conventional materials that are filled with diesel fuel that runs off into our storm drains, our water systems and polluting our environment.”

According to Spano, getting lawmakers to recognize GreenPatch is synonymous with advancing the industrial green movement. His two-fold challenge is to get all government leaders to see the vision of a healthier road repair industry- while sparring with the well-funded lobbyists from the petroleum industry. “When you make a pitch that we win on price, durability and environment, it’s very difficult for those who are promoting the petroleum industry to win this argument”, Spano says with confidence. “… so when the federal EPA looks at the properties of GreenPatch and the environmental benefits, it is a no-brainer for them. We don’t have to be negative on petroleum products – or get into a debate with those who are selling blacktop filled with diesel fuels (storm drains)… it’s so painfully obvious that we are introducing something to the environment that’s friendly… test after test positively concludes GreenPatch is the big winner for our future.”

Nicholas Spano developed Empire Strategic Planning in White Plains, NY; a professional government lobbying company alongside his trusted operations manager, Maureen Kronau (from his former senate office) who currently heads his Albany branch.

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